Rare & Exotic: Finca Ecologica Peru | Organic Geisha - 8oz WHOLE BEAN

Rare & Exotic: Finca Ecologica - Organic Geisha Micro-Lot 

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Roasting & Shipping: Monday May 6th 2024**

Our first ever Geisha offer from Peru - do not miss this rare opportunity to try the majestic Geisha cultivar produced in such a unique origin. 

Country: Peru 

Region: Cajamarca 

Farm:Finca Ecologica 

Altitude:1850 MASL

Process:Fully Washed & Sun-Dried

Cultivar: Geisha or Gesha 

Roast: Light

Sensory Notes: Perfumed jasmine florals burst from the cup with lavish tones of stone fruit; apricot, peach and nectarine. A crisply refreshing citrus acidity leads with cane sugar-like sweetness, supported by a soft chocolate-caramel laden finish and resonant mouthfeel. Classically Ge(i)sha - uniquely Peru... 

DonX Score: 96

About the farm:

Gilmer Mejia operates the beautiful Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada a farm his father, Filadelpo Cordova Mejia acquired for growing coffee in 1990. It is a 7-hectare plot on which 4 hectares grow Caturra and other common varieties and additionally some unique varietals such as Geisha (Gesha). Gilmer is a young and innovative producer who is committed to and passionate about quality in every way, from the management of his farm to the final result in the cup.

About Cajamarca:

Cajamarca is a semi-dry, semi-cold, tropical highland of Peru with very fertile soil at high Andean mountain elevations. All of these factors contribute to the potential of specialty coffee production in the area, which is growing. Smallholder producers farm on 2-3 hectares of land, many of which practice organic farming. Most farmers in the area work independently, but the recent increase in cooperatives has been effective in increasing the quality of coffees produced in the area. 

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