Yemen Haraaz Red A+ 8oz Whole Bean


Yemen Haraaz Red A+

Country: Yemen

Grade: A+

Region: Haraaz Mountains 

Altitude: 1900-2440 Meters Above Sea Level (MAS)

Varietal: Tuffahi, Dawairi, Ismaili and Jaadi

Process: Natural Process ("RED" red ripe cherries dried on raised beds)

Roast: Medium - Light

Tasting Notes: Dark berry and exotic spice lead into a deeply flavor saturated mouthfeel with rich tones of bakers chocolate. Classically Yemen. 

Who Should Drink it: Buy it for the historic origin, value and exotic cup.

Recommended Brewing Method: Chemex for greater clarity, or play to the depth and body with a full immersion method such as French press.

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